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Welcome to TrivCare.com

TrivCare.com provides a unique online shopping experience which focuses on a range of health and beauty products at affordable prices with a vast range of stock for customer choice and satisfaction. 

We pride in providing an extensive range of products for our customers in which we are able to offer them for inexpensive prices that will leave you with value and delight.

At TrivCare we offer the most competitive prices compared to other online retailers in which we are able to sell an extensive range of products from

  • Beauty Essentials
  • Wellness and Lifestyle
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Men and Women’s Hair and Grooming 
  • Nail Art and Tattoos
  • Hair Extensions and Wigs
  • Dental Essentials
  • Maternity Essentials
  • Baby and Child Care
  • Smart Devices
  • Pet Care

Our products are carefully selected by our team who outreach with our vendors who continue to develop high quality products for our customers. Our vast range of products with our discounted prices will leave you not just happy but delighted.

Unlike other competitors, TrivCare is a unique service for our customers as we don’t charge for delivery or shipping regardless of where you are in the world, what product you choose, or how much or little you spend with us. We guarantee free shipping for all products, so when you check out you are not alarmed by any hidden or new charges. 

TrivCare – Because we care. 


Our Mission

TrivCare – Our mission is simple, we care that our customers have the best prices for range of products with free delivery guaranteed.

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