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100% brand new and high quality!

Item type:Varicose Vein Cream

Net content: 20g

Validity:2 years

Application: Leg

Deeply repair venous valves, enhance blood vessel elasticity, tighten and smooth legs, improve varicose veins and restore health.

Suitable for people:

1. Standing or sitting still for a long time: Standing or sitting still for a long time, due to muscle fatigue and gravity, the blood flow in the legs is not smooth.

2. Those who wear high-heeled shoes for beauty: High-heeled shoes can cause venous blood to remain in the veins of the lower limbs, and even damage the venous

valves and cause blood backflow.

3. Postpartum and obese people: Pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes in the body, increased blood volume, which increases blood pressure in the legs, and

excessive weight makes it difficult for venous blood to return to the heart.

Packing included:1Pc Varicose Vein Cream